What Is Winning?

The whole concept of winning is one that seems to be lost somewhere in never never land. I’ve tried to Google what is winning and I haven’t come up with much inspiring information. gcashtowin

Now Google isn’t the be all and end all of information but it is the place where most people start!! So I thought I would press in further and come up with some gems.

Here are some definitions of what winning is… gcash2win

To achieve victory or finish first in a competition.

To achieve success in an effort or venture.

To achieve victory or finish first in.

To receive as a prize Classy Web Directory or reward for performance.

To achieve or attain by effort.

To obtain or earn (a livelihood, for example).

To make (one’s way) with effort.

To reach with difficulty.

To take in battle; capture.

To succeed in gaining the favor or support of; Hi5Biz Directory prevail on.

To gain the affection or loyalty of.

To appeal successfully to (someone’s sympathy, for example).

To persuade (another) to marry one.

To extract from a mine or from mined ore.

A victory, especially in a competition.

First place in a Business Honors Directory competition.

To succeed or prevail.

To overcome difficulties and attain a desired goal or end.

To be successful.

Now it can be noted here that every one of these descriptions of what winning is have some form of effort! People seem to think that to earn an income online they just buy a website and press go. No. A healthy cash flow, Business Listings winning in your finances, comes to those who work hard!!


No wonder the search on the internet initially came up with nothing substantial, nothing of substance, nothing that would inspire me.

You see it seems to be part of human nature that we want things for nothing, we want to take and be shown the short cuts. We want the success without the effort, we want to win without the competing!

I know I’ve been there as most of you have to so lets get over this huge hurdle right now!!

To Win Takes Time, Planning and Effort.

Even on the internet the successful portray earning an income online as so easy anyone can do it, Web Directory and while the principles are not rocket science, and it isn’t hard to learn how… guess what you need to be so focused and determined with a hunger for success that will push you through the difficulties when they arise, to Victory.

A good mentor will ask you when you first touch base what are your goals and within a moment or two will know if this individual has it in them or not to succeed!

Why is one of the main complaints in network marketing – I never hear from my upline – because you aren’t doing anything to attract attention from them!!

What is winning but having a goal, knowing what you want to do, where you want to go and setting off in that direction to attain the goals! It takes Effort.

That is why when I was reflecting on winning yesterday that I got so excited.

I need to and have to apply a winning mentality into everything I want to succeed in and the rewards will come.

What rewards come to a winner?

An amazing amount and sense of accomplishment.

There is an immense sense of personal satisfaction that comes from achievement.

There is a real sense of well being, that I am sure others could explain the scientific whatevers!

For me my involvement in sport saw me being very fit and healthy, which made doing anything a lot easier than if I wasn’t.

The recognition from peers and others for achieving my goals was very humbling in some ways and in others really good for the ego.

There is so much more to winning and unless you have been there you don’t really understand.

What if I explained it this way then… Have you ever had a bet on a horse race, Web Triber Directory say the biggest races in the world, maybe the Melbourne Cup in Australia or the Grand National in the UK?

Did you win? Have you ever won anything by chance?

If you have then you would get a glimpse of the feelings that come from putting in some effort and winning your own race whatever that race maybe!!


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