Internet Home Based Business For Over 50s – 6 Tips to Get the Most Out of One Screen of Information

Perhaps those that grew up with having to read computer screens have an innate ability to extract all the information from it naturally. I have found that those of us who fall under the “pre computer era” category often miss vital or obvious information on a screen due to the, civirtualtours way we were taught to read. Quite often, when seeking help after hours of frustration the information you need was on the screen after all. Luckily, being over 50, we have the ability to apply tried techniques successfully as we have been in many such situations in our careers before. To be successful in an internet business it is vital to be able to find the information you need quickly and also be able to help yourself when stuck. Here are 6 easy to apply techniques to extract the maximum information in the most productive time period possible from one screen of information and give you more options to help yourself when stuck.

1. Take it ALL in

In general, we read a printed page from top left to bottom right but looking at a web page we only really look at a “F” shaped area one third across a web page, vitamondo and about just over halfway down the left hand side. ( For more information use the following word string to search: eye tracking web reading 2010)

I have found over the years that the best way to ensure that you start off reading a screen correctly is to look at the middle section of the screen, then deliberately look up, down, left, right and just take the whole page in. No reading required at this stage.

By doing this you give yourself a neutral starting point, 1stchoicepestcontrol and your focus is not automatically directed to your normal reading style habits.

2. Systematic Scan

After a few minutes applying tip 1, start at the top left of your screen and by turning your head, scan the first block/line of information to the top right, even if it is your browser heading.

I found that turning my head forces my eyes to read right across the screen and understand what I read instead of just comprehending fully the information on the left.

The nice wide screens they have now makes this an even more important exercise. With time it will become your new way of looking at a screen, but for a while, randygoodwin it will have to be a conscious activity.

Work your way down line by line or block by block.

You will be amazed at what you will discover about what you have always had on your browser area and never comprehended that it was there.

3. Good things comes to those that… Hover

Perhaps well known by now, but underestimated, al3abgame as a very power full technique, is to simply place your cursor over anything unfamiliar and… wait.

Hovering on buttons, some text, tabs and titles, amongst others, will cause a pop-up box to appear with useful information. Some sites now even have almost half the article pop up to read instead of clicking through to the page and wasting time.

4. Right-Click is Your Friend

My favorite technique that never ceases to amaze me is the secrets revealed by the right-click action on your mouse.

Place your cursor on the area of interest, optoki (or frustration) and click the right side of your mouse. A whole new world of options, help and actions will appear.

This has been by far the most valuable way I have discovered many years back to get even more out of one screen of information and I have also learned a lot of new ways to become more productive using this technique.

5. A helping of HELP

If you followed tips one and two, you most probably rediscovered the Help section of the screen you are looking at.

This simple area on a screen can give you total control over solving your own problems and I made it my mission a few years back to always use the help section before asking for help.


Most of us were taught to hit the F1 key on the keyboard anytime you needed help.

But it would seem that this practice can be a very dangerous action as malicious viruses/ malware etc. can re-program the F1 key to load destructive programs and infect your computer.

Always click on the help area on the screen for safe assistance.

The help functions on screens have become very sophisticated, content rich and easy to navigate. Take some time to familiarize yourself with this function and save a lot of time solving your own problems quickly and efficiently.

(Try right-clicking on help functions for even more options)

6. Staying focused on one screen

It’s so easy to start on one screen and several screens later lose your initial focus completely following all the great links that makes the web such a rich source of information.

To keep focused on one screen but not lose any potential valuable information that will take you out to another screen, the following two techniques could be very useful:

1. Right-click on an interesting link and choose the option on the menu that will open the link in another tab or even in another window. This way you can go back later to read the discovery and stay on the current screen.

2. Open your word processor and when you come across some interesting information you want to keep track of, highlight the piece of information by keeping your left mouse key down and dragging it across the information.

Next right-click anywhere on the highlighted section and on the menu choose the “copy” function.

Go back to your word processor, right-click again and choose the “paste” option.

In this way you can collect a lot of useful information for processing at a later stage and keep you focused on extracting more information from your current source screen.

I have learned my trade working for big international companies and after being retrenched have been consulting to various IT, Telecommunications and internet business companies.

I learnt a lot from my technological partners and took up dabbling in internet business in 1999, mainly as a hobby. I finally ended up in choosing affiliate marketing as my ideal business as I do not have to worry about creating a product. I earn commission on products I want to promote and feel passionate about in my market niche using my expertise.

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