Artistic Expression Through High Speed Photography

High speed photography is a unique aspect of the photographic experience that creates stunningly dynamic photographs and special effects in many kinds, frontiernews of images. High speed type photography or fast motion freezing as it is sometimes referred to as is typically designed to capture very fast movements or events and freeze them in time on film. This type of photography can be used in a wide range of applications such as amateur photography, physical sciences, and sports.

One of the key ingredients of high speed, localletter type photography is that it eliminates blur and captures fast occurring actions or events with amazing sharpness and clarity. This type of photographic type imaging requires that a few basic conditions be met. Here are a few examples of what must be considered when attempting high speed photography.

1. Length of Exposure

To create highly effective fast motion freeze type, newspoke images will require that you use very fast exposure times. In most instances an exposure time of 1/6000th of a second or less will be required to produce favorable results. It will also be important to coordinate shutter movement and flash times. One workaround for cameras that do not have very fast shutter speeds is to take your high speed type photographs in a completely dark room.

2. Use of a Tripod

The use of a tripod is essential to having the best high-speed effects when doing this type of photography. To properly catch events or motion in high-speed topicals fashion requires a camera that is completely still and free of movement. This also helps to an ensure that images will have the sharpest contrast possible.

3. Use of a Black Backdrop

Use of a completely black backdrop will help to accentuate high-speed photography and capture movement without surrounding distractions. One product, tbadaily that is often used is known as a Bristol type sheet. This is a good choice for amateurs as well as advanced photographers desiring to capture motion or events in high speed.

4. Use of a Sound Trigger

The use of the sound trigger is very effective in capturing motion that is tied to some type of sound event. For example, the firing of a bullet through, kulfiy a watermelon can best be captured when using a well-calibrated sound trigger. The sound trigger will ultimately trigger the flash necessary to capture the desired event.

5. Plan your Shot

When doing this type of photography it is always a good idea to sketch out your plan of action. This is similar in some ways to storyboards that are used in the movie and film industry. Sketch out your plan of action and each step in the process that you will use to capture your fast motion freeze type image.

Anyone serious about creating amazing photographic art through fast motion freeze frame images should take the time to learn more about this unique type of photography. One of the greatest challenges of this kind of photography is the complete elimination of blur. Trial and error along with many practice shots will ultimately create great looking fast motion freeze images.

Those who enjoy creating unique and inspiring looking photographic images will enjoy the many possibilities made available through high speed photography. The idea of freezing an event or action in motion is not new and has been around for a long time. However, those with an artistic eye can easily take this fascinating type of photography to new and interesting heights.


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