Top Three Reasons to Visit Estes Park This Spring

Estes Park, the town adjacent to Rocky Mountain National Park, animeloved has been in the tourist business since the 1870’s and knows what it is doing to cater to tourists all year long. Springtime is no exception. The following are the top three reasons to visit Estes Park this spring:

One: The Estes Park Duck Race will be held on May 3, 2014 starting at 1pm. This fun-filled day has been a local tradition for the last twenty-five years. Imagine thousands of little rubber duckies (you know the kind you played with as a kid in the bathtub) racing down the Fall River-it actually runs yellow with ducks-to the sounds of bands playing and cheering local crowds, bterapiaberles following the ducks over two miles to the finish line. Owners of the winning ducks receive prizes ranging from expensive televisions to the less pricey (many hundreds of prizes are awarded). What sounds wacky at first is actually a fund raiser held by the Rotary Club for local charities. How it works is people “adopt” ducks and designate a local charity to receive the proceeds. The collected monies are distributed to the charities based on the number of adoptions credited to each charity. Adoptions cost around twenty dollars (visit the duck race web site for details in adopting now) and the local charities receive an impressive nineteen dollars out of that twenty. If all of the above is not enough, at the end of the race sponsors offer more entertainment and a variety of family activities to participate in. What a goofy but great way to raise money! No wonder the locals love it.

Two: The surrounding scenery is especially spectacular. The mountains are snow-capped this time of year, towering over meadows beginning to renew with early spring grass and flowers. Rocky Mountain National Park still has not hit the summer deluge of tourists and beautiful hikes can be done in solitude with nature. In 2015, Rocky Mountain National Park will celebrate its one hundredth anniversary. Why not visit the gorgeous national park this year instead? For more info please visit these sites:-

Three: You can still ski. Colorado receives the most snowfall in the early springtime and resorts ranging from an hour to three hours away are an easy drive away. But even if you are sick of snow, have no fear. The snow that Estes Park receives usually disappears quickly and the town has great snow removal systems in place.


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