Career Showdown – Autobody Tech Vs Paintless Dent Repair Tech

Bodyman. Painter. Bondo bob..whatever is your monniker, techpiled wear it proud. A very noble profession, nonetheless.

And as you all know, this industry is going nowhere. There are damaged cars piling up daily, from semi twisted crunches to minor parking lot scrapes and dings..its all there, and will continue as long as man drives car. Period.

So, lets have these two Bodyman and Paintless Dent Repair professions do what we came to see them do here..



Pros- job demand, skilled automation likely to replace the profession any time soon.

Cons. Many painters and bodymen do not wear masks and gloves..the chemicals get into their bloodstream, and they live short lives, per capita. IN other words..make decent money, realisticmag and die young. (ouch!)

Now, the defending champ:

Paintless Dent Removal Tech

Pros- passive, hand tool process. No threat to health, lifespan or longevity. Incredible income due to the nature of the specialized process, and demand is soaring.

Cons- you tell me! Great income, no health risks…incredible demand for the process on all levels..Cant find a fault with this profession. For more Info please visit these sites:-

Autobody Tech throws a jab at the Paintless Dent Removal Tech, PDR Tech ducks easily since Autobody Tech is slow and lethargic due to the chemicals he’s ingested..then, the 15th round punch.. a haymaker from the top, since Paintless Dent Removal Techs are in good health due to no involvement with chemicals.


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