How To Solve The Mysteries Of Blogging For A Living

Most of us begin blogging for fun. We share our blog with friends and family and then start to see that we might be able to expand our horizons by blogging for money. But before we know it we are inundated with online web site problems like SEO, IM, MLM, PPC, FB Fan Page marketing. And the list goes on. Most of us don’t even know what all of this means let alone how to find the answers to our questions.

Initially I thought if I wrote a blog and hit the publish button then people would find my blog online, read it and buy a program from one of my ad. As a mater of fact it took me forever to even figure out how to find ads to place on my blog.

I began finding online business solutions in my emails. I knew I hadn’t signed on for many of them but figured what the heck I may as well read what they had to offer. Before I knew it I was signed on to more than a dozen offers and then paying for more titillating information that was sure to make me more money.

If you are just starting out as an online entrepreneur I highly suggest you do your research. Find out the absolute ABC’s to building your web site and building your business. It will not sell it’s self. You will not only be competing with a million other online businesses but you will need to make sure you are in the top rankings on the major search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing just to get traffic to your site, never mind have content that is compelling enough for them to buy from your ads or products and get them to become return visitors. female empowerment blogs

Once I got one foot in the door I soon discovered there was more to learn and the more I had to learn the more guru programs and software I bought and the more I had the least I had because I did not understand how to apply those methods to my site. Heck I couldn’t even understand the lingo.

I was building my blog from tooth picks instead of strong timber. I found myself crippled with too much stuff and not enough relevant information written in words a newbie could understand. I bought software I didn’t know how to apply to my site and I paid too much attention to the sales pitch bank records of their earning by using this new digital product. I was lost at sea on a raft riddled with holes. I was sinking fast!

I remember the day I received an email from what I thought was a get rich company that I had not signed up to but, as I read through the preamble to the blazing BUY IT NOW! button I discovered that I was not being sold anything. This was a news letter that actually explained step by step the things I needed to do and why.

How did this company find me? I have no idea (probably from a company I had purchased something from) but because the information was free and valuable I decide to soldier on with my blog. Most of the time this good fortune does not fall into your lap. It is up to you to define your goals and spend time (instead of a lot of money) researching what you will actually need to have a great online business presence. In most cases you can find this information online for free but you need to define what it is you need to know first.


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