Tips On How To Use Quora To Increase Your Website Traffic

We all want more traffic, don’t we? Well here are some tips on how you can use Quora to increase your website traffic. You will get quality traffic from people who actually want more help and therefore are more likely to sign up as your subscriber. pg79

First of all let me explain what Quora is. It is a very popular site quite similar to Yahoo Answers – basically a question and answer site. Anyone who has an account can ask or answer questions.

Good answers get voted up and can be shared easily on social media. You get useful statistics of your activity and the number of people viewing your answers and voting them up. pg79th

Here are some things that you can do to increase your traffic there:


  • Engage


In order to see results from using this platform you need to become a regular contributor. As with any traffic source you need to be committed to taking action.

Become part of the community and vote up answers that deserve to be voted up. The more you get involved the more points you will obtain and you can then use these points to promote your answers.


  • Promoting Answers


As I have already mentioned you will gain points when you take part on Quora. This becomes useful when you want to promote one of your answers to other people who are interested in that topic or question. blowie

When you provide an answer to a question, if you have enough points you will see a prompt asking you if you would like to promote your answer. You will also see how many people you can promote your answer to.

Ideally promote your answers when there is a large number of people to promote to. This will give your answers more visibility and generate interest in you.


  • Choose Carefully


Make sure that you answer any question in a way that will provide the type of credibility that you want to demonstrate. This means answering questions selectively. It’s not about answering as many questions as possible. Your answers need to be of high quality and helpful.

People will pay attention to your answers when it is clear that you are talking from experience.


  • Research Tool


Using this site is not just about increasing your traffic it is also a great place to research as well. You will gain a lot from observing the kind of questions that people have. quoras

Also by looking at the number of people following questions and the number of answers given, you will gain an insight into the trends within your niche.

Getting The Online Results You Deserve

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