3 of the Easiest Tells to Pick Up on When Playing Poker and Get That Advantage Over Your Opponents

What to know why people are winning so much money playing poker and always making the final tables? Its because they are able to read “TELLS”, these are simple movements and noises other players make when there are either trying to Bluff or have made a good hand. If you can pick up on these tells then you are nearly guaranteed to clear up at your table. nahls

I’m going to give you 3 of the easiest TELLS to pick up on which can make a real difference to your game, and will certainly have you winning every time.

Tell 1 – What way players stack their chips.

If a player has a messy stack this represents a loose player and he is more likely to call more and bluff more, whereas a player that keeps his chips stacked neatly is a tight player and less likely to bet and call unless he has a good hand. Messipoker

Tell 2 – Making a messy bet

If your at the table and a player places a bet but fumbles the stack into a messy heap then stacks it nicely again he his bluffing, this is a mind trick because he thinks that his bet not being neat will make you suspicious and not call.

Tell 3 – Listening for the “tut/clack” preferablepups

If your watching the flop coming out and you hear a player make a “tut/clack” noise then he has hit something and wants you to think that he hasn’t because this noise is a sad noise but he has surely made his hand!


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