10 Spy Tricks: An Office Espionage Series

I spend a great deal of my time dealing with highly sensitive, highly confidential information. Over the years I have noticed that many of the institutions I have worked with have gone to great pains and considerable expense to make certain their computer systems have state of the art firewalls and “hacker-proof” encoding systems. Nonetheless, they continue to leak data like a sieve! ctslocksmiths

How can this be? Simple, they are guarding the air conditioner duct instead of the front door.

So, what do I know about it? My knowledge of the field is pretty backdoor in nature.

First of all, I work a lot with people who love nothing more than to stir up hate and discontent wherever they go. They will intentionally uncover and publish sensitive information. It is fun for them. In order to find out why they do these things I do a lot of debriefing with them when an incident occurs. lazyapevapes

Second, I have two brothers who made carriers out of law enforcement. One of my brothers served many years as a state trooper and another as a sheriff’s deputy. They were both extremely successful in the investigation facet of the job and I am about to tell you why. Then you can see if you are vulnerable to the same kind of attack.

The sources of data loss, in no particular order, are as follows.

1. Waste Archeology.
Simply speaking, someone who really wants to know your secrets will go through your trash. And guess what? It is completely legal. Buy a $20.00 shredder, and use it.

2. Taps.
Seriously, counterfeitscash if you have a wireless system it is pretty simple to eaves drop via laptop from the coffee shop next door.

3. Pop-ins.
Be extremely wary of maintenance crews and repair staff you haven’t called in. Check ID’s. Also, be aware of someone who comes in asking a lot of questions. You may be surprised what the reception staff will tell someone who smiles and asks nicely.

4. Hacking in.
Do you know the easiest way to hack in to a secure system? Steal the password taped to the computer screen at Ed’s work station. Trust me, I see it every day. You know what else? Most people use the same password for every system they need to access. k2 liquid spray

5. Cordless phones.
Remember most cordless phones and cells are basically fancy radios. If it puts out a signal, the signal can be picked up with a scanner.

6. Ticking bombs.
Answering machines, voice mail, fax machines anything that requires an access code can be beaten (remember the password taped to the computer?).

7. Starbucks.
Never discuss sensitive information in a public restaurant! If I wanted to know about a corporations business, I go to the snack bar at lunch and read the paper over coffee. You won’t believe the things you hear (if you’re in education, teacher lounges are hair raising!).

8. Brain cramps.
Unlocked cabinets, offices, desks, paper work left out, แทงบอลโลก answering stupid questions over the phone. Hello?

9. Traitors.
Face it, some folks will sell you out for the right price. The right price might be as simple as someone asking, “So, what confidential things are you working on these days?” You really wouldn’t believe what people have told me in answer to that question. Keep sensitive information on a need to know basis.

10. Describing a spy.
The typical spy is a short, fat, tall, thin man, with curly, bald hair. She often wears provocatively conservative clothing and is liberally conservative. In other words, ANYBODY is the typical spy.

Now I will expound upon each section individually.

Part 1

One of the first areas I mentioned in breaches in security was “rifled” trash. I believe this to be foremost method of stealing confidential information. In reality it isn’t even stealing. In California Versus Greenwood the Supreme Court held the Constitution does not prohibit warrant less search and seizure of garbage left for collection outside the curtilage Reiseblog (the enclosed area immediately surrounding a home or dwelling) of a home. This could include places of business.


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