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It’s a fact of life; people will go on line to find what they need. Whether it’s to find out what time the local movie theatre is open or if they are planning a vacation in another country, most consumers are checking the internet first. If you have something to sale, will your prospective customers find you?

The ranking of a web site on search engines makes the difference between your target audience finding your site, or your competitors. The higher your rankings, the better chances it gets to be noticed by the ranking programs like Yahoo and MSN. So what is the secret to make search engines notice your site? What can you do to make sure that your site gets the recognition from the different ranking sites?

We are a Pittsburgh Internet Marketing company, Eyeflow LLC, and have been providing internet marketing not only locally in Pittsburgh, but also for companies all over the United States. Having a super website isn’t going to help unless people can find it. This is where you need to consider Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Internet marketing is in no way complete not including search engine optimization of your website. Unless your website has a good page rank you will always be contending with websites taking away traffic that should be coming your way.

Search engine optimization is the method of changing your website to make it friendlier to search engines so that your site is indexed higher when matched against specific keywords. The higher your website is listed in the search results page the better it is for you and your business. When someone searches for a website, hardly ever do they go past the first or second page of the searches.

Keywords are the most significant piece of SEO and choosing the right ones to include in website content is not always easy. A good technique is to find out what your competitors are using and then go on from there. Most of the prevailing SEO strategies are actually nothing more than knowing how to choose the right set of keywords.

Check your keywords and its concentration on your site’s content. Keywords are search engine’s fundamental elements in ranking. When search engines see that your site has pertinent keywords that internet users use as search terms then it sees your site as keyword friendly and will therefore be seen as appropriate, easily searched site. In effect, if your site has the proper density of keywords on it, pittsburgh seo company the more it becomes visible to the search engine.

This is reflected on why content writing or copywriting is in such huge demand at the present time. Simply writing is not important. The content has to be comprehensible while incorporating good keywords in a strong ratio to make a distinction in page rank.

If you are a local Pittsburgh business and are trying to target local Pittsburghers, we can help you. At Eyeflow, since we’re a local Pittsburgh Internet Marketing company, we can meet with your staff at your office or ours and evaluate what your website needs to improve the traffic to your site. We can customize an internet marketing package no matter how large or small your company is.


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