The Ultimate Driving Machine: BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 series first generation was unveiled for the first time 37 years ago. To date, the vehicle has sold more than 5,555,555 units since its introduction. The 2011 BMW 5 series has come a long way in advancement compared to what the first generation 5-series offered. The new 5-series offers unbelievable technology and safety innovation, high-performance engine power with fuel efficiency, and sleek design.

The BMW 5 Series has long been considered the leader of the pack in the midsize sports sedan class.

Setting benchmarks in style and performance is a typical achievement for the 5-series. The 2011 Series created some new features of its own and borrowed some innovations from the 7-series to complete the total package.

The 2011 5-series comes with 5 different trim levels: 528i, 535i, 535i xDrive, 550i, and 550i xDrive trim. The i-models use BMW’s fuel-injected engine and the xDrive is their all wheel drive system.

EfficientDynamics is technology for BMW’s vehicles that produce less emissions and more driving pleasure. Fuel efficiency was a focal point for upgrading the new 5-series as BMW implemented multiple EfficentDynamics components. The first efficiency upgrade for the new 5-series was by putting in 8-speed automatic transmissions. The smooth transition from gear to gear significantly reduced fuel consumption while delivering supreme power and speed. Wbseries Media

BMW’s Brake Energy Regeneration concept was the next step for the new 5-series. When the accelerator is released or the brake is applied, the generator takes the kinetic energy of the vehicle and turns it into electricity to charge the battery. The battery doesn’t take away the engine’s power to charge it, thus allowing the engine to perform at a higher rate and conserve fuel.

Electric Power Steering was the third major component of EfficientDynamics to improve the fuel efficiency. Rather than a continuous hydraulic pump, the electric motor for power steering allows the energy only to be used when the car is actually turning.

Overall, the 5-series boasts great fuel efficiency and power. The 528i Sedan offers 32 mpg hwy with 240 horsepower, 535i nets 30 mpg hwy and 300 horsepower, 535i xDrive gets 29 mpg hwy with 300 horsepower, 550i obtains 25 mpg hwy and 400 horsepower, and 550i xDrive boasted 24 mpg hwy with 400 horsepower. The 528 and 535 models utilize an inline-6 cylinder-engine while the 550 models use a turbocharged 8-cylinder engine.

The 2011 5-series added performance features to mimic the quick, sporty, and tight handling of the 3-series but boasts interior luxury and technology to feel like the inside of the 7 series. Safety was at the forefront on both performance and interior improvements.

For performance, the Adaptive Drive feature allows drivers to switch from comfort, normal and sport driving styles that vary in engine response. The Adaptive Drive also has Active-Roll Stabilization and Dynamic Damping Control to help you slide through turns easy with comfort and control, while keeping the car level to avoid rollovers.

In addition, the active cruise control feature gives drivers a new highway experience. The system allows drivers to set the speed they want to cruise at, and by utilizing the vehicle range sensors (range of 650 feet), the car will automatically slow down to a safe speed and distance if there is an upcoming vehicle in the lane. The vehicle will then regain normal speed when there are no obstructions ahead.

Safety features on the interior are headlined by the addition of the Head Up Display on the new 5-series. The display system keeps driver’s eyes on the road by clearly displaying stats and information on the windshield of the car. The display shows a drivers speed, upcoming navigation turns, and alerts for possible obstructions. The 5-series also has a night vision infrared camera that can detect upcoming obstructions from 900 feet away.

Finally, BMW installed a five camera system on the new 5-series. The five camera system allows drivers more visibility while driving and parking. The system also allows for the park assist feature to be utilized. The parking system will park the car for the driver as well as use its sensors to determine open parking spots. While it parks for the driver, the driver controls the accelerator and brake. No more worries about whether the car fits in the spot or not.


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