Dirty Text Message Ideas – The Do’s and Don’ts of Texting Women

Are you looking to spice your relationship up by sending some dirty text messages? Do you want to discover a new way to flirt with your girlfriend? Are you unsure as to what to say when sending dirty text messages? Here are some do’s and don’ts of sending dirty text messages, as well as some excellent examples.

DO show ownership. A girl likes to know that she is yours. So, instead of asking a simple “how R u?” you can ask “how’s my sexy little girl?” Then, you’re reminding her that she’s yours, how you feel about her, and asking her how she’s doing. Make sure you’re using lots of compliments here, rather than just claiming her. She wants to know that you think she’s pretty or funny or cute.

DO use a pet name. Maybe you call her “angel” or “bunny.” If there’s a cute pet name that you have given your girl, use it often when sending dirty text messages. It reminds her of how special she is to you, and she will smile every time she hears it. If you don’t have a pet name for her, don’t be afraid to try some out. Now that you’re starting to utilize text flirting, it’s a great time to give her a pet name.

DO use lots of description. Remember that girls are not as visual as guys, so focus on the emotional side of things. Rather than say “i be looking sooper hott 4 U 2nite,” dirty text to send your girlfriend say something along the lines of “Tonight I’m going to take you places you’ve never been before, without leaving the bedroom.”

DO be subtle and suggestive. This can be a difficult art to master, but your girl will LOVE to get a dirty text message that’s suggestive but subtle. So, you’d get a bad reaction from something like, “let’s have SEX 2nite,” whereas you’ll get a better reaction from something like, “You should definitely come over tonight so that we can… do something fun… probably in my room…. probably in bed…:)”

DON’T use “leet speech. Look it up if you’re not familiar with the term. Basically, you want to use proper grammar and actual words, because that’s sexy, not when things are cut short. To a girl, proper grammar will make her think “romance novel,” and girls love a good romance novel, especially when your texts will imply that she could be in one. I’ve used these as example in the DO’s.

DON’T use words like: cock, dick, pussy, penis, etc. Anything like that is overly visual to a girl, and she won’t like it. A girl will find that tender and flirty side with you sexy, and most of them will get turned off immediately by such harsh terms. To her, that means that you’re only with her for the sex, and I’m guessing that she wants more than just that out of your relationship.

DON’T overdo it. Two to three texts a day are ok, but if she’s not responding, try again the next day. She might have lost her phone, or she’s really busy at work and can’t get to her phone. Obviously, if she responds, then keep up the conversation for a bit, but you still don’t want to overdo it here. Texting is great for flirting and arranging times to call her, or to see her in person. The more phone and face time you get, the better. If all you ever do is text her, you’re going to run the risk of having a text-only relationship.

So, keep these things in mind as you prepare to start making yourself more attractive to women by sending out dirty text messages. It’s important to remember that the point in this is not only to make her more attracted to you, but also that she feels special and loved. You want her to smile, and feel happy when she gets your dirty text message, so use these ideas and your own creativity to do just that.


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