The Philosophy and Psychology of Dealing With Aggressive Bloggers and Hostile Folks in Forums Online

There are a lot of books out there, Online Coding Classes for Kids many best sellers, which assist people in dealing with hard to deal with people. Indeed there are also those who make a living off giving speeches to help managers deal with aggressive employees in the work place and help them diffuse such situations. There is too much violence in the workplace and it can become a huge challenge, not to mention a legal risk. rozbawieni

Dealing with such stressful situations requires finesse and skill, and it is never easy. Or if they wanted to deal well in such stressful situations, well they could just take Prozac and then deny anyone access to their medical records? But let’s say that you want to be able to deal with these things without taking mind altering drugs, then what? Should you attend a seminar on this topic? It does sound like an interesting class to take, and you can learn quite a bit even in a one-day symposium. drommabed

Will a class dealing with violence in the workplace or dealing with difficult people assist you online? Yes actually and the reason is simple. You see, although humans are willing to say things online that they would not say in person, chances are they are thinking these things in person also. The same tactics thus, work both online and offline. There is however a difference when dealing with hostile millennials and dealing with the aggressive baby boomer. Anime

Of course, perhaps you have noticed that the entitlement tendencies of the millennials are such that often there are those that cannot handle any comment that might disturb their little self-esteem. For this type of individual you find yourself challenged and online you find them everywhere.

If you do not constantly coddle them and compliment they seem to be label you “aggressive.” A total reversal and trick of manipulation through some sort of new code of social conduct, almost like race baiting to get you to conform to their will. Now you can play this game if you wish, but you are playing in their world and their game, and under their rules; are you sure this is wise? tambang888

One baby boomer who got frustrated dealing with such attacks online in blogs and Internet Forums stated recently; “Someone needs to kick these kids in the butt. They have no work ethic, no integrity; complain about everything, it’s amazing. If they don’t feel warm and fuzzy all the time they get upset. I think someone needs to teach a class on how to deal with “passive” people that (PPGTB) Passive-People that will not Get-Off-Their-Butts!” Top Suomi Kasinot

Interesting comments and apparently he is not alone in his thoughts, so maybe some speaker or self-help coach ought to teach a class in that. Indeed, such a class needs to be set up in dealing with people online who trash forums, BBS, blogs with their detracting comments under false and fake identities. There is just too much of that, it’s really make the communication on the Internet problematic.


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