Little Johnny Jokes – The Ultimate Classic Collection

Little Johnny jokes are by far the leaders in entertainment around friends. Let’s focus on Little Johnny classics without being rude! What made Little Johnny so famous? “Little Johnny is a small boy who likes to ask embarrassing questions and has a very straightforward thinking” Well, lets dig in and find out….

Little Johnny

Visiting his father –

Little Johnny was planning a visit to his father, สล็อตออนไลน์ he decides to pack most of his things in his little red wagon.

He was walking to his fathers house with his wagon behind him, when he came to this steep hill.

As he stared up the hill, out of frustration he was constantly swearing “This God damn wagon is so heavy”

The priest near by over heard Johnny and approached him. “You shouldn’t be swearing” said the priest. “God’s presence is everywhere, you should know.”

Then Little Johnny says “Oh is he in my Wagon”

The priest replies “Yes Johnny God is in your Wagon he is present every where”

Little Johnny says “Well please tell him to get out and start pulling”

Little Johnny visiting mom –

Bright summers day Little Johnny came running into the house and asked his mom “Mommy, is it true little girls can have babies?” “Of course not my son” his mom replied.


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