Online PR – The Free Business Booster For Local Companies

If you own a local business, even if it’s just a small mom and pop store, there’s good news when it comes to online PR. You can win big with online web marketing and localized public relations to generate free messaging or promotion for your business. hsm-media

When a local organization produces it’s own online news content, it almost always results in increased search engine rankings, traffic, and business. The more education and informative the content is the better your results. Here are three easy ways to get started with local online PR:

Put a News Section on Your Website

If your local business has a news section on it’s website, businessmilestone you’ll have a place to publish and manage content about events, new products or services, and community involvement of your business. It’s unlikely to gain mainstream attention of major media outlets, but it does help improve your repeat business and build a loyal following of customers. They like being informed. In addition it boosts search engine rankings, especially if you are using keyword-rich titles and writing news tailored to the region you do business in. Before you know it, you’ll organization will be known for it’s great communication and you’ll be ahead of your competitors in the search engines. webeys

Use Press Releases To Generate Buzz

Think you can’t have a news section on your website, because your company hasn’t been in the news. Wrong! You can always write your own news. In fact writing press releases about your website is one of the best ways to generate a buzz for what you are doing. pgbetz It gives reporters a story. Even a charity cakewalk could be newsworthy for your local newspaper. Yeah it might not land you on the front page of the New York Times, but it could gain exposure for your company in the community section or events of your local small-town paper.

Connect With Your Customers Socially

With the ever-increasing popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can place your company’s name in front of a captive audience absolutely free. The key here is to be personal and provide value to your friends or followers. Of course creativity helps too.

Here in Columbia, I’ve seen a local pizza chain have great successes with Twitter. Instead of just sending out offers, which people see as spam, for more details visit sites:- they’d wish Mizzou (our home team) good luck in their football, with a special offer attached. For example, “Good luck Missouri! Get those touchdowns. If you win, we’re giving free breadsticks away all night.


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